So.  Now you have your License...

First off, let us congratulate you!

Welcome to the freedom of driving…. Through your lessons with us, we’ve told you about the dangers that are out there and what to look for, as well as teaching and training you to make decisions quickly and correctly – instantly. Remember – YOU are in charge and piloting the vehicle; and responsible for any outcome.


As with most driving schools, or actually, most education in general, once you get your license or graduate, our job is done.


But at Alafia Driving Academy, we know there has to be more that we can do. So we have partnered with a company that provides continuing education for students (and parents!) in small ‘bite-size’ chunks on a regular basis over the next year to help cement the good decisions and choices that we have taught in the vehicle.


Each module only takes 15 to 20 minutes and includes a quiz at the end to ensure the student is paying attention.  Parents are able to track their progress and also take the module themselves (Yes, our training extends to YOU now too!)

Because we feel so strongly about our students continuing their training to be as safe as they can be out there, we are offering 5% off our partner's product. Yes, we are really paying 5% of the cost for you!  Use the coupon code (Make sure it's all CAPS!) below, and they will bill us for each student that uses this offer!




Again, congratulations on your license! And be safe out there!