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Getting Your Permit

We receive quite a few calls requesting help getting the Permit, or Learner's License, for first time drivers...  We don't have a classroom setup to teach these things and most of it is online. 

The process is really not as tough as the DMV makes it out to be, they are trying to cover a million different variables that people have. That being said, 'normally' the process is like this…

We are going to base this off of the criteria that:

1.    You are under 18 and never had a permit

2.    You are 18 or older and never had a permit (Or have an expired, or non-transferable international license)


You Are Under 18 and Never Had A Permit

Step 1

Official Web Page -

You get to take the exciting 4 hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course (Or also called the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course). Yep, it’s four hours of non-stop excitement… The good news is that if you do it online, you don’t have to do it in one sitting.


The Official List of Florida Providers is here, you can pick from an in person class or online classes.

I personally went with for my son a few years ago... Why? It was cheap.

Go with the package deal, the “Drug and Alcohol Course with Online Permit Exam” you’ll use both…


So, once that has been taken, and passed, they will transmit your results to the DMV and you can move on to the second part…


Step 2

The written test…. Now, this one you need to be a bit concerned about – the signs are easy enough – you’ve been looking at them forever. The Rules and Regulations part is a bit more non-intuitive, so you will have to read the book and learn it… You can download a copy of the manual from here, or pick up a hard copy at the DMV, or Tax Collector’s office. Please - read through it! Just don't google the answers, it is kinda important to know what to do on the roads!

Again, the Official List of Florida Providers is here, you can pick from an in person class or online classes.


Under 18

Once you feel that you are ready to take the written test, try out a few online practice tests (See below),  just to make sure you 'got it' and then go for it.

I personally went with for my son... Why? Because my son took the DATA test there, and the account was already set up.


Over 18

The only difference is that you CANNOT take the written test online you HAVE to go in. But again, try out a few online practice tests (See below)),  just to make sure you 'got it' and then go for it.

Free Online Practice Tests

These are unsolicited  links from various companies that have emailed us and offer free permit tests. I have not gone through them though - I already have my license! :-D

Permit Test Practice

DMV Practice Test

DMV Written Test

ePermit Test


Now. You’ve passed the DATA and the Permit exam, it’s time to drive in and get your picture taken... :-D
You will need to bring some documentation with you to prove you are who you are, you can figure out what is required from this site, but it is pretty much a passport or birth certificate, Social Security Card and Two Proofs of Residential Address. (Don’t take my word for it though, make sure!)


At the DMV, you’ll present the documentation, take a vision and hearing test, get your picture taken and now have a newly minted Class E Driver’s License Permit! :-D



I hope that this helps at least point you in the right direction, if you have any questions - you can call us at 813-438-9712, and we'll try to help. Or you can talk to a local office, their locations are listed here.

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