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10 Hour Lesson Package

Our Most Popular Course!


  • Ten (10) Hours of Behind-The-Wheel Professional Driving Instruction

    • Ten (10) Hours of the basics of driving conducted in 60 and 90 minute sessions

  • Private Individual Instruction

  • Free Home Pickup in our Service Area


  • In-Car, Behind-The-Wheel Training

  • Orientation and care for a late model, fully equipped vehicle

  • Basic Vehicle Orientation (If Requested)

    • Oil Pressure

    • Tire pressure

    • Radiator

    • Battery

    • How to Gas Up a Vehicle​

  • Parking Lot Driving in Mall Shopping Areas

    • Parking Situations

    • Parallel Parking

  • Backing Up

  • Lane Placement

  • How to Respond in Emergency Situations

    • Road Rage Situations

    • Roadway Debris Situations

  • Interstate On and Off Ramps

  • Interstate Driving/Passing


Scheduling a Package

When booking a 10 Hour Package online, just pick the lessons in order -  A01, A02, A03, A04, A05 A06 and A07 for the DMV Prep.


Our recommended schedule would be a day on, then a day off, it gives the students time to subconsciously process what we went over; so every two or three days.

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