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Services Offered

We offer a variety of Driver's Instruction lessons and options, from basic parking, to how to parallel park, to how to drive a manual transmission car...

Lessons can be customized on-the-fly or chosen in advance by the student, or the parent/guardian.

Hey , it's Lauren ! I took the road test today and

passed !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited and he said I did

excellent ! Everything that you said was on it was

100% accurate and it was so easy. thank you again !

Thank you thank you thank you thank you !

Lauren C​. - Student                                     ★★★★★

My daughter, Allie just had a wonderful lesson with

Cole from Alafia Driving Academy! When I first spoke

with Cole on the phone, he explained that for the first lesson

he would assess her driving skills and take it from there.

Since he books up really fast, I booked 5 lessons (expecting to have to add on).

When he dropped her back off, he shook our hands and he said Good Bye.

But, it sounded final. He suggested that we cancel the rest of the

lessons and said "she did fine and isn't in need of anymore lessons".

I was shocked! Cole is extremely honest and he could have

easily suggested a package and I would have agreed! More importantly,

my daughter felt comfortable with him and had such an amazing

experience! I now have the piece of mind, that my daughter is a

safe driver. I highly recommend Alafia Driving Academy! I have seen

and fully agree with the so many positive reviews for Cole on Facebook!

★★★★★                                                Debbie L. - Parent

"Sam loves learning from you!"  

Mary V. - Parent​                                            ★★★★★

"You want me to go BACKWARDS?!?!?!"

​   ★★★★★                                            Andrew S. - Student

"Perfect! Thank you!"     

Maria V. - Student​                                       ★★★★★

"Thanks Cole your are wonderful instructor !!!"

​    ★★★★★                                           Deepthi G. - Student

"My feet itch"

Sam A. - Student​                                          ★★★★★

"He was smiling when he came in the door after your lesson"

​    ★★★★★                                                       Joy S. - Parent

"Driving is boring"

Sean C. - Student​                                         ★★★★★

"Thanks so much! She really enjoyed her time driving you around

more than she her words you were "a lot fun"! :-)"

​    ★★★★★                                                Brandi R. - Parent

"I love this car! I love the automatic bakes!"

Samantha K. - Student​                              ★★★★★

"That was me."

Cole - Instructor

"Thanks for the update Cole. He has been grinning from ear to ear since he got home!"

​   ★★★★★                                                        Lea I. - Parent

Wow .... great feedback and map! I see why are

recommended so highly.

Dan B. - Parent​                                            ★★★★★

Hi Gina, I want to thank you and your team for getting my daughter

Dana H ready for her driving test in Monday.

She has passed her test and I know you guys

gave her the confidence and necessary training

required to accomplish that. Thanks again.

★★★★★                                                     Ann H. - Parent

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