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3-in-3 Drivers Course

Three Crashes in Three Years Law


  • Effective January 1, 2010, section 322.0261(1)(c) requires that if you were convicted of, or plead nolo contendre to, your third traffic offense that caused a crash within 36 months, you must complete a department approved driver improvement course that includes behind-the-wheel training and an assessment of your driving ability.

  • The department notifies you of this requirement based on a qualifying third at-fault crash occurring on or after January 1, 2010.

  • The notification directs you to complete the course within 90 days to avoid driver license cancellation.

This Four Hour Course will satisfy the FLDHSMV requirement of the "Behind the Wheel Training"

  • The FLDHSMV requires us to have the last four of your SSN as well as your Citation Number

  • Two, two hour sessions (U01 and U02)

  • Private Individual Instruction

  • Free Home Pickup in our Service Area


Topics covered

  • Residential and Rural Roads

  • Parking, Depending on the parking lot, various levels of car control

  • Heavy Traffic, Congested Areas , Lane Changes and Interstate Driving

After you successfully complete your four hours;

  • We will notify the FL DHSMV of your completion

  • When they acknowledge the receipt of completion, we will notify you

  • At that time, you will have to schedule a time with the DMV or Tax Collector to take an "Extended Road Test"

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