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  • As of December 2023, we are using five 2023 Mazda CX-5s, and two Kia Seltos', and a Honda Accord Sedan with manual transmission for our driving instruction.

  • All are clean, smoke free, maintained to the highest standards, and serviced regularly.

  • At this time, none are marked “Student Driver” or have any advertising on them, to provide a realistic driving experience.

  • All vehicles have all the best goodies and toys, leather seats and safety packages.

  • The  vehicles are also equipped with forward facing video monitoring, to capture our more “Exciting” drives. :-) If you're interested - check out our YouTube Channel...

From what our student have told us, we are the ONLY Driving School in Central Florida to provide a Manual Transmission / Stick vehicle for lessons - everyone offers the lesson - but no one provides the vehicle!

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