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Pricing / Packages / Discounts

Yep. This is where everyone comes first... :-)


Since we've been in business we've learned much along the way. We honestly are trying to keep it fair. We may mess up the math occasionally, but we try not to!  Please let us know if something seems amiss!



Automatic Transmission Lessons

We charge $80 an Hour.

A One Hour Lesson is $80, 90 Minutes is $120 and a Two Hour Lesson is $160.


Manual Transmission Lessons

We charge $150 an Hour.

 a Two Hour Lesson will be $300



Oh my! That's expensive!
Well, stop and think about it. This is education to last a lifetime. 


Vehicles are top of the line, always less than 24 months old, are maintained to the highest standards, and have all of the latest safety precautions. Instructors are licensed, insured, trained and certified by the State. We risk our lives daily to teach you every technique that we know, and have learned over our driving careers.


Alafia Driving Academy is proud to be the Gold Standard of Driving Schools in the area, raising the bar for the other licensed schools. We were first to have cameras in the cars, and first to use GPS tracks to send to the parents so they can see what we've been doing, and the only school to use extra European safety mirrors that are not sold here in the US.


Not to mention, that we put everything out here, online, so other schools can see and learn from what we know. We are constantly trying to improve our service, standards and technology to create a better experience that will last a lifetime.


DMV Test Preparation:

We charge $80 an Hour, and this is a 90 minute lesson so it runs $120.


If you purchase Hourly, the rate is $80 an hour. If you purchase a 10 Hour package you start  with 5% off and can go up to 15% with additional 10 Hour packages.


We do not offer School, Student, Military, Senior, AAA or any other type of discount.


  • The first 10 Hour Package will save you 5%, so for 10 hours it will cost you $760.

  • The second 10 Hour Package will save you 10%, so it is $720.

  • The third, fourth and fifth 10 hour blocks will  save you 15% and will be $680 each.

Semi-Private Trips to DMV:

We can tell you exactly how long, and how much it will cost to get from your house to the DMV or Tax Collector, and back again. But once we are there - we are entirely up to their mercy. It has been as quick as 20 minutes; and as long as four and a half hours. So, this is what currently makes the most amount of sense:


    One Student:

Student #1 pays door to door

    Two Students:

Student #1 pays door to door, minus 20 minutes for pickup of Student #2, minus 10%

Student #2 pays door to door, minus 10%

    Three Students:

Student #1 pays door to door, minus 40 minutes for pickup of Student #2 and #3, minus 10%

Student #2 pays door to door, minus 20 minutes for pickup of Student #3, minus 10%

Student #3 pays door to door, minus 10%


IF, as it does happen, that the DMV is running slow, or backed up, we cap the lesson at the maximum price of $280. That is the MOST you will have to pay for the trip.

The DMV/Tax Collector will charge a fee for using their course, so we recommend bringing $10 in cash with you, or we can cover it and add it to your final invoice.

Private Trips to DMV:

  • This is PRIVATE trip to the DMV, just you and the instructor that you have chosen.

  • Use this option if you CANNOT make the Semi-Private Group trips  which have discounts for multiple students going together!

  • We CANNOT discount this price because it blocks off 4 hours of the instructor's time.

  • The price includes pickup/dropoff, a preview of the course and the use of an automatic vehicle for testing.


You may pay online when you obook the appointment, pay the instructor when they are there, or make other arrangements.

We will work with you anyway we can to make this as painless as possible!