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20 Hour Lesson Package

An Inclusive Array of Driving Instruction


  • Twenty (20) Hours of Behind-The-Wheel Professional Driving Instruction

    • Twenty (20) Hours of the Basics and Advanced Theories of Driver's Education conducted in 60 or 90 minute sessions 

    • Includes at least Four (4) Hours of Night Time Driving (If Scheduled)

  • Private Individual Instruction 

  • Free Home Pickup in our Service Area


Great for First Time Drivers under the Age of 18

  • In-Car, Behind-The-Wheel Training

  • Orientation and care for a late model, fully equipped vehicle 

  • Basic Vehicle Orientation (If Requested)

    • Oil Pressure

    • Tire pressure

    • Radiator

    • Battery

    • How to Gas Up a Vehicle

  • Residential Driving

  • Parking Lot Driving in Mall Shopping Areas

    • Parking Situations

    • Parallel Parking 

  • Backing Up

  • Two Second Rule

  • Lane Placement

  • How to Respond in Emergency Situations 

    • Road Rage Situations 

    • Roadway Debris Situations 

  • Interstate On and Off Ramps 

  • Highway /Interstate Driving/Passing 

  • Driving in Rain. Wet Road, Flooded Roads and Inclement Weather
    (If the weather cooperates)

  • Plotting a Trip with a Paper Map

  • Un-Marked Police Vehicle Spotting :-) 


Scheduling a Package

When booking a 20 Hour Package online, just double the 10 hour package (A01, A01, A02, A02 and so on)

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