Cole Dolmseth

Florida DHSMV Instructor Number 121736

Florida DHSMV Examiner Number 0073

Languages Spoken: English


Originally, I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and have moved around the country/world until settling down in Florida back in 2000.  


I left the Air Force back in 1991 and since then have been a Locksmith, Help Desk Support, Adjunct Instructor and Network Engineer. Many careers, but all having to do with helping people! 

A few years ago my son turned 15, and as I worked my way through labyrinth of rules and regulations of how to get him his learner’s license, I discovered that there was no local driver's education or "Behind-the-Wheel" Instruction in our area.  While doing a bit of research, I found that the closest school was in Tampa, and the best/highest recommended school was 80 miles away.


To make a long story short, I decided to enter the field of driving instruction and offer this service to my community.  Rather than just becoming another driving instructor, I decided to open my own school and provide the best "On-the-Road" training that is possible to people in the Brandon/Valrico/Lithia/Riverview area; basically the entire Hillsborough section of the Alafia River Basin.


Over the past years, I have learned much, taught many, and strive to continue to improve service and engage my students (Not to mention, I have picked up a few really crazy videos along the way).  I have found that, yes, it can be, and is, very dangerous; but the rewards of seeing a first time driver who has never been behind the wheel going from being absolutely terrified and near tears, to a calm and confident driver is extremely rewarding.

Hubert Desselle

Florida DHSMV Instructor Number 122402

Languages Spoken: English, French, Creole


As of August 1st, 2021, Mr Desselle will only be working with students who have been fully vaccinated from the COVID-19 Virus. You may contact him directly 

at 772-206-5902


Originally from Cajun country, Hubert Desselle has been a Driving Instructor for many years, clocking almost 4,000 hours of professional driver instruction in upstate New York and Palm Beach County, Florida. Hubert also has many years of training in public speaking and has given public talks before audiences of over 1500 people in French. 

He also happens to speak fluent Haitian Creole. He uses natural teaching techniques and has a Certification in Teaching Techniques and Methodologies from Bronx Community College. He has a deep interest in psychology as it relates to various learning styles, and so, makes extensive use of Neurolinguistics. Mr. Desselle is also available for booking Driving Lessons on any holiday.

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Brandon Anderson

Florida DHSMV Instructor Number Pending

Languages Spoken: English, Tagalog


Brandon was born and raised here in Florida. He attended school in the Riverview area, so he obviously brings lots of local knowledge and history with him.  He has had many jobs in the trades institutions such as HVAC, warehousing and carpentry.

Since Brandon started with the Alafia Driving Academy, he has trained over 500 students over 2600 hours of lesson time! He may look young - but he knows what he is doing!

When he isn’t working – he likes to spend time playing the guitar, lifting weights and reading. He really is looking forward to meeting new students, young and old and teaching them  how to drive!


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Jason Conarroe

Florida DHSMV Instructor Number Pending

Languages Spoken: English


I am a Florida native and grew up in Hillsborough County. One of the few original Floridians. Never though you would actually meet one of us, did you? :-D 


I studied jazz composition at Hillsborough Community College and received my Bachelors of Science in Human Services from Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida.  I have spent the majority of my professional career in the music industry. 

My hobbies include music and cooking. One day I hope to finish getting my private pilot license.  


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Anthony Bridges

Florida DHSMV Instructor Number: 124424

Languages Spoken: English


I was born and raised in Columbus Ohio youngest of three siblings … I’ve done many things in the job market from Interior & Exterior Decorating, Construction, Driver for Fed Ex, ODYS Transportation, Law Firms Office Services and Driver/Messenger and Hotel Convention Services, and I owned my own company Citywide Legal Messenger Service for 3 years. I’m a Father of 5 daughters and while raising them most of my 17-year career was as a Corrections Officer in the Department of Youth Services.

If I could handle teaching my five daughters how to drive – without a brake on my side, imagine how much better I am now! :-D

I am also very involved in ministry at my church as an Associate Minister teaching and preaching … I attended the Eastern Union Bible College. My hobbies are reading, basketball, weightlifting, golf and cooking. I enjoy spending time with my family and grandkids.


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