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About / Why Us?

Alafia Driving Academy opened due to the need to provide a better understanding of driving requirements and techniques that were unavailable in the area.


It was decided to provide One-on-One, Behind-the-Wheel instruction for the teenagers of eastern Hillsborough County to educate them on how to be a safe driver.


This allows parents to know that their children are being taught by highly qualified and trained Professional Driving Instructors so their teens would learn to be secure and experienced drivers by the time receive their license.

Why Choose the Alafia Driving Academy?

  • With 95% approval of an online poll, from an unsolicited company, we look pretty good!

  • We are Locally Owned and Operated

  • We are on time - or we will let you know why we are running late (Usually traffic!)

  • We show up, rain or shine; students need to know how to drive in Florida's rain storms, so yes, we are going to do it!    (Okay, we may call to cancel a lesson for a Cat 2 Hurricane...) :-)

  • We know the Area that we Service and Current Road Conditions (We do drive them every day!)

  • Daily 'After Lesson Reports' with comments and concerns; included are GPS tracks as to where the lesson took place that day

  • Clean, Late Model Vehicles that are regularly serviced and maintained

  • Forward facing and/or interior video cameras to capture those more "Exciting Moments" on the road

  • We care. No, really, we do. Our instructors know the students and their referrals, our kids go to school with your kids, we live in your neighborhood and are responsive to your requests

  • We take pictures, of the students when they first get on the interstate, and the DMV Exam and send them to the parents so they can feel part of the process

  • Fully licensed and insured, ask the "other guys" what their school and instructor numbers are... :-)


Florida DHSMV School License Number 4180

We currently hold memberships with the following professional organizations:

DSAA - Driving School Association of the Americas

ADTSEA - American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association

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