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90 Minute or 2 Hour Lessons

“In the Car, Behind-The-Wheel” Driving Instruction

  • An Hour and  Half, or Two Hours of Behind-The-Wheel Professional Driving Instruction

  • Private Individual Instruction

  • Free Home Pickup in our Service Area

  • Personalized Behind-The-Wheel Training on Requested Topics


  • You want to practice driving around a traffic circles in Fishhawk?

  • How about driving through construction on Boyette? Well, they finallly finished that, but we can find some somewhere!

  • Drive Thru Windows... Banks and Fast Food! :-)

  • Freeway Driving?

  • Emergency stops?

  • High Speed 180 degree turns? Nope! Not gonna do it!

  • Almost anything that you would like to do, we are here for you!

Multiple Lessons

As you progress though the lessons,  our recommended schedule would be a day on, then a day off, it gives the students time to subconsciously process what we went over; so every two or three days.

Also, we'd recommend the order of 60, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90, and then save a 90 minute lesson for a DMV Prep, close to their testing date.


In hopes of making the process easier, we've create a structured set of lessons available - A01, A02, A03, A04, A05 A06 and A07 for the DMV Prep.