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Behind the Wheel Driving Instructor (Part Time/Full Time)


We are looking to hire Instructors to Conduct Behind the Wheel Driving lessons for students of all ages and levels of experience. This position is on the road, real time driving in a company training car with a passenger side brake pedal. This position requires scheduling flexibility.

Number of lessons scheduled each day, or each week, cannot be guaranteed.



  • Must be 25 years or older.

  • Must have a valid Florida driver license.

  • Must have clean driving record and criminal background check.

  • Must have reliable cell phone.

  • Must be willing to take responsibility for training car, being on time for appointments, and completing daily reports.

  • Must have good communication skills.

  • Must be able to communicate daily and throughout the day via email/text/phone.

  • Driving instruction or teaching experience a plus.

  • Being fluent in Spanish is a plus.



  • Represent Alafia Driving Academy as a skilled professional driving instructor.

  • Effectively interact with students 15 and older.

  • Provide driving instruction making students safe and responsible drivers with the skills necessary to survive on the roads and pass the DHSMV Road Test for a driver’s license.

  • Help terrified, nervous and inexperienced drivers gain the confidence they need to become safe drivers.

  • Have knowledge and understanding of current traffic laws.

  • Keep training cars neat, clean and report mechanical problems immediately.



The position demands the ability to sit in the car for long periods. Lift 10 to 30 pounds of equipment/cones at training site locations. The ability to get in and out of an automobile multiple times a day, react quickly to emergencies and properly use the instructor brake.



  • 1099 Contract Worker

  • $20-30 per lesson hour completed.

  • Number of lessons scheduled each day, or each week, cannot be guaranteed.



  • Clean driving record and criminal background.

  • Ability to read maps (GPS and Paper) and follow directions.

  • The ability to perform duties under intense pressure.

  • The ability to interface professionally with the public/families/students

  • Be able to think quickly and act appropriately in emergencies.

  • Background Check is Required



If you are interested and would like to see if this is for you, please contact Cole Dolmseth at,

and include your Resume/CV

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