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Shock Videos

Had to do it...

Here are some of the shock videos that teens should see before they think that driving is all fun and games...



Yes. They are graphic, and they are disturbing.
These videos are inappropriate for some users.

This is the short version of a PSA Texting While Driving in the UK (Tredegar Comprehensive School and Gwent Police (Gwent is located in south-east Wales, UK) presented a full half hour drama entitled 'COW' in 2009 that is much much more updated for teens. The full version should be here, it is Content/Age Restriced, so we are not posting it here.

This one is part of "Mechanized Death", it's what everyone over 30 grew up with.. The cars are old, there aren't any computers or cell phones - but the problems are the same.

"Good Morning America" 2009

The same PSA Texting while Driving from the UK campaign

Can you see the differences?

This is the internet age; your teens have probably already seen these, and others. There are many, many of them out there.


Again - remember the biggest impact on your teen's driving - is you.

And an Irish PSA "The Faster the Speed, The Bigger the Mess".

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